The Jesus Creed - Feat. Dr. Scot McKnight

Episode Summary

Welcome to this special episode of The Bible Project podcast. In this episode, theologian and author Dr. Scot McKnight stopped by the studio to discuss his books and the impact they’ve had on Tim and The Bible Project.

Episode Notes

In part one (0:00-12:00), the guys discuss Scot’s academic background and writing habits.

In part two (12:00-27:10), Tim shares how important Scot’s book, Interpreting The Synoptic Gospels, has been to him.

In part three (27:10-39:30), the guys talk about Scot's most well-known book, Jesus Creed.

In part four (39:30-54:10), Tim shares his thoughts on Scot’s book, A Community Called Atonement.

In part five (54:10-end), Tim shares how impactful Scott's book, A Fellowship of Differents, has been to him

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Scot's Wikipedia page with links to all his books:
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Scot's podcast, Kingdom Roots:

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